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Federal Law of the United States of America Allows Parents to Beat their Children. And We Wonder Why U.S. Society is So Violent.

Federal Law of the United States of America allows parents to beat their children. And we wonder why U.S. society is so violent

What’s the difference? Mentoring vs. Therapy

Be enlightened on the difference between mentoring and therapy. Listen…

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Unsung heroes in our community

(Read the entire interview with me from 2008 over at Dorothy Goins’ blog)

DG: Annette, as an advocate and a change agent working in the profession of assisting women who are transitioning from a life of abuse to a life of completeness and total control of their situation, I felt the need to show others how affective your input has been. Help me and others who are reading this article for the first time, to understand the importance of what you do for our community. What has motivated you to become an advocate?

AJ: My motivation to become an advocate began when I was just a teenager, as I witnessed various social ills, such as an unjust criminal justice system, institutional racism, and violence, both domestic and abroad. I was a witness to these social ills all throughout my environment, including my own home. Being a witness to various social ills throughout my life has had a profound impact on how I choose to live my life to combat these ills.

Breaking the Cycle

Annette Owens-Johnson, LCSW

(Composed in 2008)

I believe I now know what it means to have your life come full circle. Ten years ago, I never would have imagined that my life would be what it is today. I guess you could say that the “me” back then was the polar opposite of the “me” today. I now work for Women Against Abuse, Inc., (WAA) as the director of the transitional housing program. Anyone who really knows me knows that domestic violence and affordable housing have always been close to my heart. And I am now doing meaningful work that bridges the gap between the two. Continue reading